Inspiration | Floating Shelf

I have recently been obsessed with rearranging my room because I just felt like having a change in scenery. I got rid of my large bulky shelf and desk (aka, gave it to my brother) and downsized to a smaller desk. Due to the lack of shelving I wanted to have a spot in my room to display little knick knacks here and there, and rediscovered the hanging shelf I've always wanted to get. Because I rearrange my room almost every month XD , I am always afraid to commit to hammering things to the wall when I'm probably going to move it later. This means I'll have to patch the wall, paint it, and put a hole in a different part of the wall to hang something up again. Yes, I am VERY lazy. But, this time I might actually be satisfied with the layout of my room so we will see how this hammering situation will turn out. Here is just some inspiration I am looking at during my mini room renovation!


The 20 Year Anniversary

Hey guys! Here is a short little vlog for you all. It's my parents 20 year anniversary this year, and we celebrated by having brunch at the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay. Enjoy :)

Inspirations | February

Hey guys! Here are just a few things we have been loving and getting inspiration from during the month of February. These range from outfits, specific clothing items, prints, photography and more! Check out our tumblr page to see more of what we have been interested in. If anyone knows the sources for these photos, leave it in the comments below! :)
P.S. Cher has been a little crazy with the gifs lately...

C and S

Galentines Day Weekend

Hey guys! Over President's Day weekend, a few of my girl friends and I decided to go to Disneyland because...why not go to the happiest place on Earth when your single... Haha, other than that, we had a four day weekend, so it was the perfect time to take a trip together. It was the first time we drove for 6 hours, with breaks in between of course, which was what I thought was a far and long distance. We also stopped by Santa Monica on the way there, but I didn't vlog anything because I left the camera in the car and was too tired and lazy to go back and get it. Hope you guys enjoy this vlog! 
-Cher =D

DIY: PVC Clothing Rack

Hey guys! We bring to you a fun and very useful DIY project. It took us a while to figure out how to build this with the right measurements, and now that it's done, we are super excited to show you guys how to create this clothing rack. If you try this DIY hashtag #baconsquaredstyle on the social medias below; we would love to see your recreation of this project. Hope you all like it! :)
-Steph and Cher

1 inch PVC Pipe:
- 1    4 ft
- 2    2 ft
- 4    8 in
- 2    .5 ft
- 2    1 ft
- 8    1 inch Tee
- 4    1 inch 90° Elbow
- 4    1 x 3/4 inch 90° elbow
- 8    1 inch Tee
- 4    Bushing
- spray paint color of your choice
- Hammer
- old rag or towel
- Some sort of saw to cut the pipes

The 4 extra hooks on the sides are optional. I mainly wanted them so I can hold purses and totes. You can always substitute the multiple pipe cuttings into two 4 ft. pipes on the sides, for this may be easier if you don't want to do too much cutting. Also, the height measurement can be changed to your own liking, but I advise you to leave the width the same unless you want it shorter. This is because the pipe might dip a little if you have too much stuff hanging on it. I hope to do a future DIY of a clothing rack using metal pipe because it's sturdier.

Links to the materials:

Pipe (comes in different lengths):
-10 ft.:
-5 ft.:
-2 ft.:



Elbow (1 inch):

Elbow (1x3/4 inch):

Lightning Bolt

Wearing: sunglasses from Francesca's, tee from Forever 21, jeans from American Eagle, belt from Goodwill, bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs, shoes from Hollister

Hey guys! It's still cold in the Bay Area...or what we call cold at 60°F, but I'm a little lazy when it comes to putting on a jacket and layering. Although we are in a drought right now, I'm glad it stopped raining because again, I am lazy and don't like carrying an umbrella to school. Anyways, I bought this lightning bolt shirt awhile back and it got buried deep in my closet, so when I found it again I was very excited to wear it and put together an outfit for you guys. I am especially loving my orange aviators which were only $14! It's awesome how the color of the lenses change a little when you look at it at different angles. This is an outfit I would wear to go shopping or on a casual lunch with friends.
Comment below on what your favorite pair of sunglasses are at the moment. :)

Desert Stars

Wearing: cardigan from Pacsun, tee from Brandy Melville, leggings and jewelry from Forever 21, shoes from Sperry Topsider

Hey guys! This has been one of my favorite cardigans ever since I got it! It's very warm and great to wear for the brisk weather we have been having in the Bay Area. I extremely love the howling wolf on the back and the rest of the awesome scenery. If you have been noticing the pattern, this is yet another casual outfit I go to when in a rush.